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Eat Your

Every one of us has heard the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, is that true? Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, which gives you the energy you need to get things done. Eating breakfast has also been linked to good health, including focus, concentration and better memory, as well […]

Your Overall Health & Well-being.

As you know, nutrition and fitness are a very important part of your overall health & well-being … Did you know that doing things you love & that make you happy is also an important part of your overall health & well-being?  Doing simple things like, taking time out to enjoy your favorite hobby, spending […]



It’s Summer, Let’s Get FIT!  FREE Gym Pass.  Get Fit LA We want to help you get started with your health & fitness goals for the summer, by offering you a FREE gym pass! Come in and try out the gym for FREE. You have nothing to lose, except maybe a few pounds …    […]

Bradley Goldman’s killer leg presses!

Check out Personal Trainer Bradley,  doing some killer leg presses, with a little “help” from Sam. Our Trainers always amaze, inspire AND impress us, they often make us laugh too! Stay strong and make your weekend great, friends. (Video borrowed from ‪‎BeStrongStayFit‬ on Instagram)  

Tom Nelson is our Trainer of the week!

It’s Trainer Tuesday and today, Tom Nelson, Personal Trainer and owner of Muscle Mechanics demonstrates proper form for a Standing Bar Curl. “Proper form, along with slow, constant cadence, adds extra intensity to your workout.” -Tom Nelson Learn how Tom, can help you achieve your health & fitness goals by clicking HERE.