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“Best of Los Angeles Award” Winning Gym Owner, Tom Nelson, Reflects On A Wisconsin Gym’s Irresponsible Sign

“White law enforcement officers have taken the life of yet another African-American man and the people of this country and the entire world have had enough!”

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, June 12, 2020 / — Many people have been challenged these past two weeks with finding the correct words to use and say when charging to be an ally for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Some have taken it upon themselves to do some much-needed research from indoors, while others have taken to the streets to peacefully protest and honor the life of George Floyd, and many others who have appallingly been killed by police officers. A Wisconsin gym, however, is catching major heat over posting a workout titled “I Can’t Breathe” … and now, the fitness center’s owner tells TMZ Sports she’s “deeply” sorry for the offensive sign. Tom Nelson, Winner of the Best of Los Angeles Award- “Best Gym in Los Angeles – 2020”, reflects on how certain acts have allowed for such tone-deaf comments to arise from these tragedies and the stance he and his gym have taken.

Jen Dunnington, co-owner of Anytime Fitness in Wauwatosa, WI, says one of her trainers attempted to “honor” George Floyd by posting a workout for members this week. She says the group of exercises was meant to “be a workout so hard that we felt what he felt” … but when people in the community viewed the whiteboard for the workout, it was immediately hit with backlash. Hundreds of people commented on the sign — which featured the words “I Can’t Breathe” and “don’t you dare lay down” with a drawing of a kneeling person — calling it inappropriate and appalling.

Tom Nelson, owner of the popular West Hollywood gym, Muscle Mechanics, states, “Our nation is in the midst of racial turmoil. Again. White law enforcement officers have taken the life of yet another African-American man and the people of this country and the entire world have had enough! The people’s voices – the voice of George Floyd and many others before him – are finally being heard on the streets of every major city in the United States. And, it’s about time!” Tom, who is involved in an interracial relationship states, “My partner and I will raise our daughter, Kelly, in a home filled with love and happiness. Not dissatisfaction and hatred. Our daughter will be taught that everyone is equal and that no one on this planet is superior nor inferior to anyone else!”

While many have criticized this Wisconsin gym for not responding respectfully and responsibly to these current news stories, Tom has called for more gyms and companies to rise to the occasion and call out absurdity when needed to. “Equality is part of what Muscle Mechanics stands for and everyone is welcome! Our motto from the very beginning has been: Fitness is for everyone!”, states Tom. Tom concludes his thoughts by posing the question, “Why does it have to come to all this? Why do people have to take to the streets to express their outrage with inequality if “all men are created equal” as the Constitution says? This is a question that I pray is answered soon.”

Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson is West Hollywood’s Top Trainer and owner of Muscle Mechanics, which is a gym that is completely private, fully stocked with commercial quality exercise equipment.

Tom has been a fitness enthusiast his entire life but decided to make it his career 15 years ago. In that time, Tom scored the highest in the history of the ISSA certification board, built the largest Private Training Facility in Los Angeles, and have been named West Hollywood’s Top Trainer by his peers in the fitness industry. He has also had an outstanding record as a bodybuilding and figure trainer that is unequalled in the industry – 5 first place wins for men in bodybuilding and 16 first place wins for women in figure contests.

As opposed to simply being a Fitness Trainer, Tom considers himself to be a Fitness Teacher. In all his years as a Fitness Teacher and Nutrition Specialist, Tom has learned that the more someone understands about what they are trying to accomplish, the more successful they will be at it. So, instead of simply telling you what to do in each session, Tom teaches you how to exercise properly, which means you learn the most effective, efficient and safest ways to exercise.

In addition, he will teach you “everything” you need to know about nutrition and how to apply that knowledge to your life. Tom is one of the most sought-after Nutrition Specialists in the Los Angeles area, and has developed a system (patent pending) that simplifies nutrition so anyone can understand it. You will know exactly what to eat, and when, in order to accomplish any goal you set for yourself. You will also understand how to effectively “cheat” on your nutrition plan with absolutely no guilt.

Tom is one of the most sought-after Nutrition Specialists and Trainers in the Los Angeles area. His goal is to reach as many people as he can to spread his message of fitness and nutrition. “While my achievements are very public and well documented, it is my lesser-known accomplishments that are the most rewarding: helping many people lose over 100 pounds; providing nutritional guidance that can reverse illness and disease; improving quality of life for seniors; sponsoring Olympic and Paralympic Athletes; and, of course, the volunteer work that I do,” states Tom Nelson. “These are the things that make my job and life interesting, challenging, fun and rewarding!”

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