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New Year, New Fit YOU!

New Year, New FIT You!  FREE Gym Pass.  Get Fit LA The New Year is here! We want to help you get started with your health & fitness goals for 2017, by offering you a FREE gym pass! Come in and try out the gym for FREE. You have…
Muscle Mechanics Trin Clients For Free Promotion

Train Clients For FREE Every Thursday!

ALL Personal Trainers can Train their clients for FREE every Thursday in 2016!
Bradley Goldman and Sam Russo at Muscle Mechanics

Bradley Goldman's killer leg presses!

Check out Personal Trainer Bradley,  doing some killer leg presses, with a little "help" from Sam. Our Trainers always amaze, inspire AND impress us, they often make us laugh too! Stay strong and make your weekend great, friends.(Video…
Blake Leeper

Awesome video of Blake Leeper Training

Personal Trainer, Johann Stefansson, took this great video of his clientPatrick "Blake" Leepster training at Muscle Mechanics!Truly inspiring!   
Sergio at Muscle Mechanics

Look at that weight, inspiring!

Personal Trainer, Sergio Carbajal, working with his client. Truly inspiring.  

Watch Michael do a Human Flag

Our amazing client, Michael N., doing a perfect Human Flag.    

Can you do a reverse planche?

Personal Trainer Sergio Carbajal working with his client, Michael M., who does a PERFECT reverse planche!

Sam Russo doing some handstands

We're always inspired by our amazing Personal Trainers!  Watch Sam Russo doing a "few" handstands. He says he is not going for technique, just reps ... Whatever, it's impressive! 

Ninja Warrior - Ben Melick

Help us wish ‪‎Personal Trainer,‬ Ben Melick, good luck! He goes to compete on American Ninja Warrior 8 in two weeks! Watch him do some prep training.