Nutritional Trends For the Future – The Microbiome

Nutritional Trends For the Future – The Microbiome

Calories are becoming less important in the way we think about eating. Calories won’t disappear completely from food labels any time soon. The new labels on food will also put greater emphasis on other ingredients that have been shown to be critical to nutrition and well-being. The amount of added sugar per serving will be included for the first time, and nutrients like potassium and vitamin D will be highlighted on the label.

The calorie will become redundant based on more qualitative measures of nutritional value. Cording expects the microbiome (the bacterial ecosystem made up of an estimated 100 trillion microbes, most of which live in the gut) to continue to be a big topic.

There’s been so much research to understand the purpose and functioning of our microbiome and how it impacts our overall health, from immunity and digestion to mental well-being. We’re learning that specific things we eat and don’t eat have a huge impact on maintaining the healthy bacteria in our gut microbiome, showing that 100 calories of sugar not at all equivalent to 100 calories of whole grains or cruciferous vegetables when it comes to your gut.  We need to avoid sugar in all of it’s many forms.

The emphasis here is less on the caloric content of foods but more on the nutrients they contain—and the impact of those nutrients on the health and functioning of your body’s systems.

Cording also predicts the discussion around food’s effects on our brain health to become more mainstream. “Choline might be the next hot thing,” she says, referring to a nutrient found in eggs and other foods that helps the brain regulate memory and mood.

Amid these changes, diet trends like keto or Paleo likely aren’t going anywhere, say the experts. Eating a restrictive calorie diet can be problematic for most people because it doesn’t allow the flexibility to learn how to eat a balanced diet for the long haul.  Find more information on wellandgood.com.