Tom Nelson, Best Selling Author of Livin’ After Midnight

Tom Nelson, Best Selling Author of Livin’ After Midnight

Tom Nelson is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, award winning personal trainer and now bestselling author of Livin’ After Midnight. Livin’ After Midnight chronicles the journey of Tommy, a young runaway, as he stumbles into one adventure after another. He eventually grows up to become Tom, an ex-con trafficking cocaine into LA for a Peruvian Drug Cartel.

Tom is a handsome rogue who stumbles into the good graces of the Cartel after standing up for a complete stranger in jail. Tom’s life is filled with exciting, dangerous adventures that he is lucky to have survived. From fights in the LA County jail to shootouts in Downtown and South Central Los Angeles, Tom has seen and done it all. Miraculously, he is still alive to tell these tales.

Our journey spans two decades of the wildest, craziest and funniest adventures you can possibly imagine. Just another day in the life of a drug addict and trafficker. Livin’ After Midnight also tells of forbidden love and incredible friendships. Bonds that remain unbroken to this day!

Livin’ After Midnight is based on actual events that author Tom Nelson lived and how he overcame drugs, violence and self-destruction. Livin’ After Midnight is heart-wrenching, inspiring, and is a best-selling book in multiple categories such as:

Crime Thrillers and Action

How to overcome a life of drugs and gangs?

Can career criminals turn their life around?

Does a reformed criminal ever look back on his past with regret?

Reduce Youth Involvement with Guns, Drugs, and Gangs

Being a prisoner in LA County jail.

The power of sobriety.

About Tom Nelson:

Tom Nelson is an inspirational speaker, personal trainer and best-selling author. Nelson has been a fitness enthusiast his entire life but decided to make it his career 15 years ago. In that time, he scored the highest in the
history of the ISSA certification board, built the largest Private Training Facility in Los Angeles and has been named West Hollywood’s Top Trainer by his peers in the fitness industry.

Nelson is the owner of West Hollywood’s state-of-the-art gym, Muscle Mechanics, an award winning “Best Gym in Los Angeles” in 2020. Nelson’s goal is to reach as many people as he can to spread his message of fitness and nutrition.

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